May 23, 2018


I have an XP machine that we use to create security badges using proprietary software that requires the use of XP. Now the badge machine is on a different subnet than the rest of the domain (the doors and badge equipment are on their own subnet).
I can RDP to this machine from Windows 2008 and 2012 server that are on a different subnet, but same domain, just fine. However, workstations are unable to do so much an initiate a connection.
I`ve performed the usual RDP troubleshooting procedures, ensuring that DNS is good, we can ping the RDP server from the problematic workstations, etc.
I simply can`t determine why different computers on the same subnet have different results when connecting to the RDP server.
I`m all out of ideas and I`m not sure that I`m making Google understand exactly what I`m looking for.
Any ideas?

Please help.

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