May 23, 2018


I uploaded photos recently with JB 1.51 and photoshop cc 2018 and noted two things: the dialogue boxes in Jb were fuzzy and not solid in colour and the photos ultimately appearing in Dreamweaver and the on the web were fuzzy (think: jagged edges and fuzziness, not tack-sharp as has always been the case until now). I checked the plug-in in the scripts menu and Adobe said it was updated. I then downloaded the plug-in from Photoshop 2017 but it returned the same fuzzy photos. I tried Jb 1.50 and experienced the same result. I have a new camera, a D850, so to test whether that made a difference, I re-did some photos from October. The result was the same. It`s as if the image captured by the plug-in is too small and so when set to the large dimensions of a photo on the web the sizing is too great, resulting in the jagged edges and all-round fuzzyness.

Please help.

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