6 months ago


Because : there is a thing called "russian roulette" MM where you wait at the begun of the searching game who get worst potato. And get out of rank is almost impossible or simply you have to grind a lot to move on. So thx to Blizzard we have one kind of smurfs. But thats not all...There are also smurfs who are created by community while they herp derp report for anything and while it`s automated you can`t do a lot against that and always doubled report time silenced. And appeal is joke too...Most of us who play only HL actually can`t while silenced. (you could play HL in Alpha even with silence btw) now its impossible. So usually because of those two reasons there are smurfs in HL. And Blizzard will not do anything about that....you wanna know why?

Please help.

I didn`t find the right solution from the Internet.

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